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Street Photography Camera Strap

Looking for a way of carrying your camera that's ideal for street photographers


As somebody who does a lot of street photography I am often asked what camera strap I use, especially when I give talks to camera clubs.

The Blackrapid wrist strap is actually my day to day camera strap and i find it is ideal for Street photography as well. 

The strap is designed to fit securely around the wrist and to connect with the camera via a "D " shaped connector that fixes into the tripod thread on the base of the camera.

The key aspects for me are

  • Once this is on its not coming off unless you want it to come off 

  • Its easy to keep your camera out of site while walking about

  • I can get my camera into action very quickly


  • Well constructed

  • Comfortable

  • Secure

  • Allows you to discrete with your camera

  • Small

  • Secure fixing to camera

  • Secure fixing to you

  • Enables rapid camera use


  • Fixing mount can get in the way

  • Need to remove if using a tripod

  • Carry the camera weight on one side

Made from a black lightweight nylon webbing the strap is robust and easy to use. With a carabiner style attachment mechanism that has a screw lock to it and a cover to secure the screw lock. The anchor bolt that fixes into the tripod screw thread on the bottom of your camera has a rubber washer and can be easily fixed to supply a good anchor point.


How do I use it?

I don't use mine in the standard way as shown in the review videos. I place a large key ring loop in the top right hand standard strap lug on the top right hand side of the camera and then attach the carabiner connector from the strap to the heavy duty key ring connector. So this place the strap on the top right of the camera and for me i find this is  a more practical way of using it (means that I don't use the "D" shaped lug connector. 
Note if you decide to use it in this manner then be aware that this is not the approved way of using it and if you decide to fix it in this manner then YOU need to ensure that all the connects are suitable to be used in this manner.

If you use the fixing in the standard manner then the connection method works well.

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