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Cost: Free

Duration: 1hr

Weather: Covered 

Access: No Steps

leake street.JPG
Leeke street #1

This is a fantastic location for street art photography.

Leake Street is an area dedicated to street art where artists can deliver there art in a dry accepting space

Located underneath Waterloo station Leake Street can be accessed from

  • York Road 

  • Lower Marsh

leake 2.JPG
leake 1.JPG

Although your initial thoughts may be negative as you enter this wildly painted under-croft Leake Street I have always found the people friendly and engaging.

I generally go here in the morning. It is a dark place but i always shoot hand held and without flash, this will depend on your camera and lenses. A wide angle lens is an advantage in this space.

The art work changes regularly so its always going back if you haven't been for a month or so and as its an under-croft its always a good place to go if its raining.


Cost: Free ( some special exhibitions have an entry fee)

Duration: 1hr - 2hrs

Weather: Covered 

Access: 10 floors in total lifts are easily accessed

Tate Engine Room
Tate Concrete
Looking Down

This is a fantastic location for street art photography and especially monochrome.

Tate Modern is the old Bankside Power Station station which has been converted into a contemporary art gallery.

It can be accessed from the south bank footpath or from the Millennium bridge that spans the river between Tate Modern and St Pauls.

tate 1.JPG

The building is split into 3 main sections

  1. The riverside gallery section
    The viewing balconies on the riverside are worth visiting as they offer the best views of St Pauls and people below.
    This houses a large number of the standard exhibition gallery spaces

  2. The central Turbine Hall
    A vast space with several aerial walkways

  3. The Switch House
    Open concrete spaces, spiral staircases, viewing galleries, large exhibition nalls and a roof top viewing platform 10 stories high

Locations 2 and 3 offer the best photo opportunities with the views from the 10th floor well worth taking in

There is also the opportunity to visit the art exhibits which normally include some photographic works.
Within the gallery i find a 16-35mm is good for the open spaces

You are able to photograph throughout the Tate and as entry is free it is worth making a donation buying a book or a coffee and a cake.

Tate Modern Cafe
This is located on the 4th floor of the riverside building it is small but well worth a visit for a sandwich or a coffee and a cake. You can take in the views from the balcony across the river to st Pauls.


Cost: Free 

Duration: 1hr

Weather: Open 

Access: on south bank

london 5.JPG

This is a great location for action street art photography.

The concrete under-croft is painted in graffiti and is not a large space. A barrier allows you to shoot from the side and I would not advise going in if its busy. There are often skateboarders, BMX, Scooters, dancers in the space, I have seen some fashion shoots as well.
They are always happy for you to take shots and tend to ignore the photographers. If you want to go in and get close to one in particular then its best to ask them and offer to send them copies of the images which is normally sufficient to get their agreement.
The space can be a little dark, a long lens is useful 70-200mm for this venue.

Skater girl
london 3.JPG
london 2.JPG