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Dodge and Burn which method to use!

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Again during the talks I have delivered to camera clubs the subject of dodge and burn comes up time and time again. Dodge and Burn which method to use is the next question they ask. I don't intend to reinvent the wheel and write a whole article on this so here are some links to some of the options available - each one has its place so they are all wort knowing about.

tate modern

What is Dodging and Burning???

Dodging is a technique used in photo editing to selectively brighten certain areas of an image. This is typically done using brush or gradient tools in photo editing software. Dodging affects the brightness of an image by selectively lightening certain areas to create contrast and highlight specific features.

In Photoshop

Using Curves

Using a 50% Grey

Photoshop Doge and Burn Tools

In Lightroom

In Luminar Neo

In Capture One


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