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Photography Classes & Courses

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

A range of photography classes suitable for all standards are run during the year in East Kent Uk .

Looking to improve your photography?

Well established and well proven course format that has been running for several years - with proven results and strong positive feedback

The following courses are run during the year and a based around the Sandwich Canterbury area of East Kent.

- Beginners Course Need to learn the basics of photography from composition to depth of field and what to be able to use the full functionality of your camera then this is for you.

- Advanced Course A few set topics are included such as advanced composition, street photography and filtration. The rest of the course is built around what the attendees request. So the aim is to address topic areas that are more advanced whilst also looking at areas where you feel you need guidance

- Editing Course (Beginners) People struggle to get to grips with Adobe (elements, lightroom, photoshop) and this course is aimed at beginners, to give you the basics and confidence to go forward into the world of photo editing. The courses are run in real time so bring along a laptop and work in real time on images to discover the power of editing

Typically the courses are run in an evening over a five week period and last for 2hr per evening

Take a look at the site and give it a thought?

Read the reviews from attendees and take a look at the work and awards won

Or you can simply email:

Visit the site and look at the portfolios and the options available. You will also see several articles on recent awards won in the Blog section of this site.


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