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Photography Tip of the Week #7

Get Value for your MONEY

It is always said by photographers that you should spend your money on good glass.

What they mean by this is that good lenses may be expensive but if you buy a top quality lens it will last you for ever whereas you will change camera bodies.

But what should you buy

.New or Second hand?

As camera equipment is highly prized by its owners second hand equipment can be very good value for money and you can make some significant savings. WEX is a good example of a second hand camera equipment seller (there are others) as they give a guarantee and they rate the quality of each product. I have found that the second hand kit that I have purchased has been excellent.

If your buying new then WHERE should you buy from?

You need to take care particularly on the likes of ebay that you are not buying a GREY import!

So what is this and what does it mean?

  • If its from outside of the UK,(far east) your product may well not come with a valid UK warranty or offer you the chance to benefit from a particular manufacturers extended warranty when you register you product.

  • Retailers from outside of the UK may not include VAT or import duty. Should this be the case and you choose to purchase the product then you are legally obliged to pay the VAT at 20% and import duty.

  • Your charger may not have a UK 3 pin plug

  • You may not have English instructions.

Whats the BEST price I can get?

I strongly recommend using a price comparison site such as "Camera Price Buster"

  • most suppliers prices com

  • offers such as free delivery

  • discount codes

  • price trend graphs

Is this supplier any good?

You can check out how good a supplier they are on "Trustpilot" You will see a company rating and customer reviews.

Remember if you pay buy credit card or by PayPal your purchase will probably be "protected" by them if it goes missing


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