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Top 5 NIKON Tips and Tricks

Nikon Tip/Trick #5 - Keep Level

The right-hand middle finger button can be Re-programmed to give a virtual in camera spirit level

Some of the buttons on your camera can be programmed to do a number of things and this is one of the best

You could program it to display as small level tool, made of vertical lines, to the left or right, displayed at the bottom of your viewfinder, this is not as good as the Live View leveler, but i still use this a lot. It will allow you to ensure the camera is horizontally and vertically level.

Menu (Button on back of the camera)

Custom Settings

Menu Controls (scroll to select this option, and press OK )

Assign Preview Button (press OK)

Change “Press” to “Viewfinder Virtual Horizon” (press OK) Menu x2(To exit click the Menu button on back of the camera twice)


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Yet another lesson learnt! I use the virtual spirit level in Liveview (pictorial representation by pressing ‘info’ button repeatedly in Liveview mode until spirit level appears on the screen), but up until now had never used the ‘through the viewfinder’ level. Many thanks!

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