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What are the Strange things I have stashed in my camera bag?

Photographers all have those strange bits of things that they carry about with them in their camera bags - well here is my list. SO What are the Strange things I have stashed in my camera bag?

camera bag
  1. Pen

  2. Some loose change £5

  3. A very small sun screen (smallest I could buy - factor 50) - You don't want to get burnt

  4. A single sachet - Insect repellent wipe - You don't want to get bitten

  5. (smallest I could buy) - You don't want to get your kit dirty

  6. A very small hand sanitiser

  7. An unused disposable face mask

  8. Micro Torch LINK (day shoot) or Head Torch LINK (Night Shoot)

  9. Phone changing cell LINK (remember a cable to connect your phone)

  10. Carabiner Clips LINK

  11. Granola bar ( you cant work if your hungry)

  12. A copy of Photographers rights LINK LINK

  13. Bin Bags If you roll them up around two fingers and tuck the end in you can create a swirl shape of bin liner and these I put at the bottom of my bag an they act as an additional cushion under the bottom lenses. Then when I need they I can use them as a waterproof cover for me or my bag or to sit on.

  14. If I am going to be very isolated doing landscape photography then a small first aid kit that I have put together myself

    1. small waterproof pouch

    2. sterile wipes

    3. plasters

    4. foil survival blanket

You may decide you want some of these and that's ok but its a list you can chose from as you wish. It looks like a lot but if you buy wisely then they can be quite compact and easy to fit in most camera bags.

Why not also take a look at the review of the camera bags that I use for my photography LINK


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