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FREE London
Photo Walk 

 #1 Liverpool Street to Shoreditch

Duration: 4-5 hrs

Style: Street, Urban, Street Art

Start Point: Liverpool Street Station

End Point: Shoreditch Tube Station

Walking Difficulty: Easy

Weather: Needs to be dry

This walk will take you through some of Londons most popular locations for street and street art photography.
Through the bustling multicultural areas of Brick Lane and Shoreditch as well as taking in the pop up gallery area of the old Truman brewery.

Feel free to go off plan its about adventure and discovery as well as following a set route. Take good care of yourself and you possessions at all times.

With this walk it is very difficult to give specific location for shots as its so changeable. There are a million photo opportunities along this walk and its never the same twice so its worth repeating at a later date.

Read the article on
street photography
before you go
on the walk

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Overground Rail Link


Underground Rail Link

Photo point

Starting Point
Liverpool Street Station

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Location 1
Get the Tube to Liverpool Street station and exit the station onto Bishopgate you will leave the station via a white and glass archway and follow the blue line on the map turning right onto Brushfield Street

Liverpool street map 2.JPG

Location 2
Cafe Verde on your right and Spitalfields on your left both great photo opportunities.
Spitalfields is a pop up market so you never know what you will get.

ian howard

Location 3
At the end of Brushfield Street cross the road toward the white church of Christ church Spitalfields.

ian howard
street 1.jpg
london street map 2.JPG

Location 4

This will take you into two blocks of street all worth investigation.

  • Fourier Street

  • Princelet Street

  • Hanbury Street

  • Wilkies Street

These are old buildings dating back to the Huguenot period. Although a substantial French Protestant community existed in London from the sixteenth century, the suppression of Protestantism in France in the 1680s led to a mass migration of predominantly Calvinist refugees, many of whom settled here in London

street 3.jpg

Location 4

Continue along Brick Lane ensuring you explore any side streets until you reach the arch over the road fr the Truman brewery

street 2.jpg

Location 4 - 5 

at location 4 and the brewery arch you will see on your left the entrance to the Truman brewery pop up gallery space. Have a wander in and see what is there , this is a space that is constantly changing


Location 5 - 6 

Retrace your steps and head along brick lane up to the railway bridge where you will see passage on your right

london street map 4.jpg

Location 6 - 7 

When you see passage on your right head that way and you will come to an open space where you can see the railway line. Head under the railway line through the tunnel to the hippies garden

passage way.JPG

Location 8 

Continue along to 8 before retracing your steps back to 6

Location 9 

Continue along Brick Lane to 9 and the junction with Bethnal Green Road where you take a left


Location 10 

On route to 10 from 9 you will see several opportunities and at 10 take a left to head under the railway

Location 11 

The railway tunnel is a good location and on reaching the end will need to retrace your steps

Location 11 to 16 

Simply wind you way through these streets ending up at 16