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National Memorial Arboretum - Photo Location & Shoot

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

I recently visited the National Memorial Arboretum and thought it would be worth sharing some images form the visit.

Located off the A38 between Burton upon Trent and Lichfield the National Memorial Arboretum is a vast riverside site dedicated to the memory of those who served in military conflict.

It is free to enter although you do pay for parking and I am sure that the vast majority of visitors make a donation to support the upkeep of the national venue.

It is exceptional well laid out and maintained and is an enjoyable place to photograph although you must be conscious that this is a place of reverence and reflection and you need to be aware of this as you are photographing.


To purchase any of the images then contact me on:

Hope you enjoyed National Memorial Arboretum - Photo Location & Shoot


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