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Photography Tip of the Week #8

Don't let your Sensor cleaning slow you down!

Most cameras in their menus have a sensor cleaning option.

  • How good is it? - Its better than not doing it

  • What does it do? - I vibrates the sensor to make dusk fall off into a "trap"

  • Where do I find this option - This is usually located in menus with a spanner symbol

So this sound good and you decide to use this option. You will typically find three options when you open up the sensor cleaning option in the menu

  1. Clean sensor when camera turns ON and OFF

  2. Clean sensor when camera turns ON

  3. Clean sensor when camera turns OFF

So which is the best option?

Option 1

I would not use this option as it cleans the sensor twice once at turning on the camera and again when turning off. This feels overkill and as it is a process on the sensor itself you don't want to over use this as it is a potential failure point of the camera over time. As the sensor cleaning process uses battery power then this option uses twice as much as the other twp options.

Option 2 This is not the best option as the camera must perform this function as it sets up the camera when you turn the camera on so it will slow the process down, not by much but every little counts when you need to capture that shot

Option 3 This is the option i would recommend as it performs the function as you turn the camera off which has several advantages. 1 The activity is performed while you are not using the camera

2 Its not performed too many times

3 If dust has got onto the sensor during a lens change then its just happened and now is the time to try and move this dust


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