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Understanding Your Cameras Metering Modes

Modern cameras have a vast choice of metering modes but most people just stick with matrix metering. Get a better understanding of what they are and when to use them. You have purchased this great camera but you are not getting the most out of it.

From a personal perspective I find that matrix metering work great 90% of the time and is my go to option. I rarely use centre weighted metering as I find it gives an out of balance feel to my images which is probably due to the focus point and the metering point being in different locations within the image. With spot metering I do find this useful especially if shooting high dynamic range images where the subject is bright and the rest of the space is dark as you would get if shooting somebody on a stage. By using spot metering you can get a well lit subject and a very dark surrounding. If you had used matrix the camera would have tried to bring all areas to a "nice" light level. Remember with spot metering it will meter on the location where you spot focus so you may need to change your focus point slightly to allow for this and ensure good metering

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How do you change your metering mode



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