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Vivian Maier
Street Photographer

Title: Vivian Maier

Author: John Maloof

Printed: 2011

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Value For Money:

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All Levels
Vivian Maier
vivian maier
vivian maier
vivian maier

The text in the book is limited to an introduction/preface. You are then taken through well produced plate images of Maiers work with no description no explanation. The lack of dialogue is however irrelevant as the only person who could truly comment on them is Maier herself. 

The book is a good size and would grace any coffee table, this also means that the images are a good size and well reproduced with one image to a page. The selection of images used from her work is good with several pattern picture included which was not expected. The final section is a group of self portraits that leaves the reader with the impression that Maier is photographing you!

This will be a go to book for anybody who loves street photography

  • If you want to sit have a coffee and leaf through the pages

  • If you want inspiration

  • If you need the drive to go out take a risk and shoot some street scenes

In summary treat yourself or a friend its worth it.

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