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Film Review

Don McCullin - War Photographer

""Most of his images are very very simple but so powerful!"              My Opinion

  • Director: David Morris (Director), Jacqui Morris (Director)

  • Duration: 90 Min

  • Released: 2012

  • Trailer: YouTube

  • DVD and Blu-Ray

  • My Film Rating 4*

  • IMDB Rating: 8.2

McCullin is one of the most famous war photographers post WW2.

He has also photographed other troubles such as the Irish conflict. In this frank and open interview style film he discusses his work from its beginnings in gang land London to his exit from the Sunday Times. The images included have a simplicity and a power to them that is in itself inspirational. He does discuss the places and the people he has seen with great humanity and compassion. His near death experiences and his help to those in peril show him to be a sensitive and decent man. A large number of his images are covered in the film.

This is a film that is an enjoyable watch for photographers and non photographers.

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