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Group Courses

Over the years I have developed and delivered a range of photography courses that I have delivered in the East Kent area. These have proved to be highly successful and very popular with the local community.
Typically I run three different courses

  1. Basic Level Photography course (for those who want to understand the basic principles of photography)

  2. Advanced Level Photography course (for those that understand the basics but want to take things further)

  3. Editing Course (Looking at what can be achieved in Lightroom, photoshop and Nik Efex)

One to One Tuition

I have also been asked by several people to undertake one to one tuition to give a fully personalised focussed training experience. 

Photo Walks

As a result of the Street Photography talks I have delivered to camera clubs and photographic societies I have been asked to do Photo walk training sessions for the club members

Details of these types of training sessions can be seen below.

If you are interested in any of the courses/training please contact me on


Group Courses

A range of photographic training courses are  available  for groups of 5 to 10 candidates. These courses are targeted as follows;

  • Basic Level Course
    This is for people who want to learn the basics of photography and camera technique
    - Composition
    - Shutter speed/ISO/Aperture
    - DOF

    - Lens Choice
    - Focusing and White Balance
    - Histograms and Exposure Compensation
    - Flash
    - Very Basic Editing


  • Advanced Level 
    For those who have completed level 1 or feel they are beyond what level 1 delivers
    - Advanced Composition and Critique
    - Landscape Photography
    - Macro Photography

    - Street and Architecture Photography
    - Advanced Flash Photography
    - Topics requested by the group 
    - This is built around the needs of the group who will asked prior to the course


  • Photo Editing
    An entry level course for those wishing to learn photo editing skills using
    -  Photoshop
    -  Lightroom
    - Elements
    - Nik Efex


Enjoy the aspects of learning as part of a group feeding off one another and pushing one another.

Course Reviews

It's a fantastic course and it so nice being able to use your camera without having to set it to auto!!! Ian is a great teacher who breaks everything down for you and it's a good laugh at the same time!! Love being able to take a pic of a water fall with Smokey effect 



I enjoyed the course a lot, found it very friendly and useful. Really quite difficult for Ian with all the differing equipment and abilities, but he managed to find a happy medium to suit all of us and we became quite a close knit group.

I would be interested in further courses,  covering composition and photo manipulation



I considered myself as someone who knew a bit about photography, having SLR cameras for most of my life, however Ian really adds the icing to the cake. In his down to earth and practical manner he conveys the technicalities of photography to all levels from complete novice through to seasoned photographers with his obvious passion for the art. I would highly recommend attending Ian's courses if you are looking to get more from your photography  



This course was great for me to get back into photography after a break, it was informative and fun, I definitely recommend it!'


Really enjoyed the course a learnt a lot which I have put into use.  

Image by C D-X

One to One Training

A personalized packages that may include but are designed on a one to one needs basis

  • Basic course content

  • Advanced course content

  • Personalized  theory training

  • Portfolio Review

  • Photo walk training

  • Location Specific Training

Run at your pace on the aspects you want to cover aimed at making you the best photographer you can be

Image by Thom Milkovic

Group Photo Walks

Looking for a club event or a group of photographers then why not do a photo walk say in London looking at Street and Architecture Photography. 
Visit great locations 
Get One to One help

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