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Camversation - An On-Line Camera Group

Camversation resides in Facebook and is run by Mark Evans.

So what is Camversation? Its like an on line camera club. They provide a community where people can learn about photography share views and ask questions. They also arrange photo meets and walks for people to attend up and down the UK. The Facebook site is a nice safe environment that is very welcoming friendly and is well managed by Mark. They also host an amazing array of speakers throughout the year. There is a small fee to attend a talk with most being less than £5.

Having given talks for many camera clubs it was interesting to see how Camversation would work when mark invited me to present one of the talks? As on line zoom type presentations go it one of the very best I have had the pleasure of being involved in as Mark acted as host/ event manager and did a highly professional job of managing the event and the question.

Is it worth you giving it a try?

  • If you need an outlet and a community for your photography - Yes

  • If your a member of a camera club and you are looking for more - Yes

  • If you run a camera club and are looking for new speakers - Yes

  • If you want to develop your photography and grow your skills in a safe place - Yes

Where does it not work?

  • Its a site that growing and developing still but having said that the growth is organic and well intended, so I can only see it blossoming further

In Summary go and take a look it got great content that you can pick and mix from and its well run.


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