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Robert Frank

Photo Documentary

Robert Frank

Robert Frank

  • Born: 1924 in Switzerland

  • Died: 2019 Nova Scotia

  • Photo Documentary

Study photography from 1941 and his early work in commercial photography was based in Zurich and Geneva. He moved to the USA in 1947 where he was taken on by Harpers Bazaar shooting fashion shooting on 35mm Leica. He did not like the constraints of this type of work and soon quit the fashion business. In 1950 began to work frelance on photojournalism and advertising for Life, Charm and Vogue magazines. Edward Steichen, William De Kooning and Walker Evans became great supporters and advocates of his work.
In 1955 he applied for and gained the Guggenheim Fellowship which freed him to do the work he most wanted to do. In 1957 he first published his most famous work in the form of the book
The Americans in which he explored the range and depth of American life and social structure. 

Robert Frank
robert frank

He also produced several films

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