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Your journey as a photographer is unique and is littered with challenges and frustrations. As I have developed and progressed in my photography i have covered most aspects of a being an amateur through to semi-Pro and finally to
Pro-photographer. I have experienced camera clubs, competitions, weddings, commercial shoots, talks, lectures, tuition, art sales, on line sales and web sites. 

LENSClof will enable me to share these learnings and "frustrations", coupled with those of other photographers I work with and from across the greater web community.

I have found that a large number of photographic web sites don't cater for people on this type of journey and many of them actually offer little advice or help.

I hope you find this site helpful, fun and inspirational. I am sure it will improve over time so stay with us and I hope we can give you what you are looking for to help you develop as a photographer.

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