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Brilliant Phone Apps for Photographers

There are some amazing phone apps to help you with your photography and here are some of the ones I have found the most useful. Most are free so give them a try and make you life easier. There are many out there but these are the ones I have found to work the best for me

Safety What3words App (free)

This is a great safety app as it splits the world in 1meter squares and so you can give you location to anybody or emergency services where ever you are. This is of particular use for wildlife and landscape photographers who may be in a remote location. You can also use it as a way of meeting up with people if you get separated

Post Processing

Snapseed (free)

Great post processing app for your phone, ipad and Android - in may ways better than the lightroom and photoshop apps.

Tide Tables

Tides Near Me (free)

If your going shooting on the coast then knowing your tide times is essential to ensure you get the effect you are looking for.

Sunrise Sunset & Moon

The Photographers Ephemeris (££)

You will need to pay for this but it well worth it as you can see sunrise sunset and the moon anywhere in the world and on any date - Its amazing. A great planning tool.

Lumos (£)

Great app and uses you camera to give you a virtual reality view of the sun and moon positions

Hyperfocal Distance App

Digital Dof App (free)

Understanding your depth of field is an essential part of photography and often in landscape photography you want to maximise your DOF. This app helps you calculate the amount of DOF and the best associated focal point.


Lee Stopper App (free)

If you use Lee filters then this is a fantastic and simple app for calculating your exposure times

All in One App

PhotoPilis App (£££)

This is not the cheapest App but it does almost everything and does it very well it has the added aspect of being great for Astro photography


Maps.Me App (free)

What I like about this app is it downloads the map to your phone so if you have no signal at all you still have your map


Dark Sky App (£)

Dark Sky offers hyperlocal weather information. With down-to-the-minute forecasts, you’ll know exactly when the rain will start or stop — right where you’re standing. (It’s like magic.)


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