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How to remove the Meta Data (Exif Data) from an image on IOS Device

You may want to remove all of your personal details from an image and any other data associated with the image - well this tells you how to do just that. for an IOS system

All the information is captured in the image MetaData or Exif data as it is sometimes called and this is how you remove that data from the image.

  1. Ensure you have "Shortcuts " installed from the App store

  2. Open the app, and in the My Shortcuts press “+”to create a new shortcut.

  3. Open the Settings to name the shortcut and set up as follows

  4. Select the desired photo using the “Select Photos” action.

  5. Then add “Convert Image” action to convert the image to desired format with an additional option to remove EXIF data.

  6. select the target format to Match Input to retain the output image format the same as the input.

  7. Remove the EXIF data associated with the photo by turning off Preserve Metadata.

  8. The next step is to select the “Share” action which will open up the Share Sheet when you run the shortcut.

  9. The shortcut is complete and you can now run it. When you run the shortcut, you’ll see an album view of the Photos, from which you need to select a photo.

  10. Once done, it will prompt you to share the converted photo without EXIF data.

To see an explanation with screen shots visit


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Great tip - found it very helpful for stripping metadata of photos posted on social media!

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