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Is a Camera Club a good idea for you?

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

This is a question most photographers ask themselves at some point is " should I join a camera club" I I have looked into this subject previously and posted my views on the subject on LENSClof LINK TO ARTICLE


There are some simple aspects that are easy to point out -

  • Its an outlet for your work

  • Its a social event

  • Keep motivated and see inspirational speakers

There are then two types of clubs

  • Online Groups Such as the brilliant CAMVERSATION run by Mark Evans

  • Local Clubs

  • These exist all over the country and you simply need to search the web to find a local club

Note: You can do online and your local club if you like it

But what are some of the other groups on the web saying?

I deal with a large number of on line and local clubs as I deliver talks and judge competitions and they are great places, full of friendly people and inspirational photographers. The general consensus is that they have lots of positives and these articles will help you understand what you will get.

What have you got to lose by going along and giving it a try as most clubs will welcome you with open arms and give you a couple of weeks free to see if its for you. Yes these things can be a little intimidating but take a risk and live a little!


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