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Looking for a new tripod then give these some consideration

Updated: May 7, 2022

A tripod is a key piece of kit for a photographer so here are the one considered to be the best options.

So first of all what do I use? I have two tripods

  • Carbon Fibre Giotos Sadly these are no longer manufactured Carbon fibre is great, nice an light Use this one for all the dirty wet work This is a great tripod and it goes VERY high which is a useful aspect, also it is very strong and stable and so can take the load of a D850 and a 70-200mm lens

  • Three Legged Thing (Brian) I purchased mine many years ago and they have been significantly modified since and appear to have improved on the one I have. This is a great piece of kit and so well made. This has several great features for me

    • Fits in the bottom of a suitcase

    • You can remove one of the legs and the ball head to create a monopod - brilliant feature

    • It can take the load of a D850 and a 70-200mm lens

    • The one I use is a Brian

Lets take a look at some of the recent reviews


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