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Lumenzia Editing Plug in

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

It the talks I have been delivering to clubs editing software has often been a subject of questions and one piece of software that I have used that appears to not have been noticed by a number of People is Lumenzia from Greg Benz. The Lumenzia Editing Plug in is a great addition to your selection of tools.

photo editing

This is not meant to be a review as such - more of a notification to folks !

However what do I think of it? In short it is a great piece of software that functions flawlessly as a photoshop plug in and I have not found anything that can deliver what this software delivers. However it is not the easiest of things to get your head round and I do find it take time to use this software so I only tend to use this on special images. Is it worth it - yes I think it is as is well built and the support and updates are excellent.

But What is it? In short lumenzia is a controlled way of editing your images with luminosity masks. Simply put, they’re tone-based selections which make it possible to make targeted adjustments to only specific areas of the image. These masks can select the brights, mid-tones or darks, without affecting other parts of the photo. For a more detailed explanation LINK


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