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On Line Photography Course for Beginners

I am in the process of transferring my successful beginners photography course from face to face to on line. Here is a chance to see what it contains and register an interest.

For several years now I have been running beginners and advanced photography courses in the Sandwich area of East Kent. These have been well attended and well received and so I felt I should look to take these to a wider audience and deliver them on line.

How Long is the Course The course will be 5 tuition sessions of two hours each delivered over 5 successive weeks. An addition session will be delivered on week 6 that is a Q&A session to enable attendees to look back across the course and get clarity on aspects that they still have issues with (So 6 two hour sessions over 6 successive weeks)

How will it be delivered Online via zoom 2hr session on the same day of the week over 6 weeks you will also receive the course notes as a PDF

What will it cost ? Anticipated cost is $50 for the 6 session 12hr course

So what does the course cover ? The course is aimed at beginners and is broken down into the following sections

  1. Week 1 Basic Principles of photography & Composition Some fundamental aspects of photography and being a photographer> Understanding different methods of photography composition and some of the things to include and avoid.

  2. Week 2 Finding your way around your camera/lens & ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture Lean what the different bits of your camera lenses are and what to do with them. One of the areas that people have difficulty with is what ISO, shutter speed and aperture are , how to control them and when to use what?

  3. Week 3 Depth of Field, Foreshortening, White Balance Depth of field (DOF) and foreshortening have massive impact on the creativity and look of your image. White balance if not understood can result in a great image looking wrong

  4. Week 4 Focus, Exposure and Exposure Compensation. How do you ensure that you get sharp images that are correctly exposed and what is exposure compensation?

  5. Week 5 Editing A high level look at what you can do with those digital images when you get them home in order to take them to the next level

So is this course for you?

  • Bought a camera and don,t know what half the things on it do?

  • Stuck on AUTO?

  • Something is wrong with the images you take?

  • Frustrated and don't know how to progress?

  • Confused with all the jargon?

This may be what you have been looking for so why not register an interest You not committed but it will give me a feel for the level of interest and it may give you the motivation you were looking for in 2022. You can also see further details and reviews on my other gallery site If interested then why not drop me an email on you not committing to the course but it will allow me to keep you posted


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