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Photography Tip of the Week #16

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Turner Prize Exhibition @ the Turner Contemporary Margate

So a trip to the Turner at Margate currently showing the Turner prize.

The Gallery is located on the seafront at Margate

Modern art galleries are always great places to shoot so time to get started

First things first and a coffee!

Nice cafe and great place to eat

With great views of Margate.

The gallery space is great for a photo shoot and is particularly good for

  1. Architecture

  2. People

  3. Abstract

What abut the Turner Prize Exhibits?

In my humble opinion - VERY VERY poor.!

One of the staff tried to explain how they were

"political statements that pushed the boundaries of art "

Make your own mind up !

Its still a great space for photography so pay it a visit

My Images from the trip


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