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Photography Tip of the Week #18

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

That cold weather is coming so don't get caught out with cold hands!

Having tried lots of different types of gloves these are by far the BEST I have come across for photography

These gloves are perfect as they keep your hands out of the wind and dry whilst also allowing you to release your fingers one at a time and then pop them back into the mit. They give you enough sense of feeling that you need which is where most glove fail to deliver.

They are not the cheapest but not the most expensive either

Don't be out in the early hours on a shoot with cold hand as it will ruin the shoot. These are expensive and they are brilliant


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I also use these cheap reusable hand warmers for photography/cycling/etc. and find them very comfortable and allow for you to go longer on those really cold days ......
Me gusta
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