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Photography Tip of the Week: #2

Updated: May 7, 2022

Buy Knowledge not Equipment

Its all too easy to fall into the belief that if you spend more on kit you'll be a better photographer

It doesn't work like that!

Do you suffer from GAS? Gear Acquisition Syndrome

There is a cure! Invest in some good photography books.

  • Often its knowledge you need

  • Most people don't get the most out of the kit they have

  • Its a cheap way to develop as a photographer


Magazines are good and have lots of nice picture but they are expensive and they recycle the same articles over and over.

Get yourself a couple of good books - What they contain wont go out of date.

Why not try your local library

  • They will stock photography books

  • You can order books

  • Some even do magazines


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1 Comment

Great article with good advice. ‘Gear Acquisition Syndrome’ (GAS) can be the photographer’s curse! You don’t need lots of kit or the latest camera..... Also recommend attending courses given by the camera manufacturers, camera shops or ‘walkabouts’ with other photographers. I've done all three and highly recommend them. On my last ‘walkabout’, I learnt how to use reflections (puddles, windows, wet roads) to enhance photographs - great addition to the repertoire! Am going on a car photography course to enhance my skills there as well. Finally, don’t overlook mentorship from other photographers (see LENSClof article on camera clubs) - so much to learn, and a great way to think about things differently.

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