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Photography Tip of the Week #6

Don't just stand there - Do something less boring !

You walk into a location and think this will take a great shot grab you camera and take the shot with a 50mm lens. !

What you have captured is the view that everybody can see

  • A 50mm lens on a full frame and a 35mm on a cropped sensor camera will give you what you eye sees.

  • Your stood where everybody stands.

  • Your at the same eye level as everybody else.

This is BORING!

So what can you do?

  1. Shoot High Hold

  2. Shoot Low Place your camera at ground level view ( use the tilt screen if you have one)

  3. Change the lens. Go wide angle

  4. Change the perspective shoot from close to one aspect with another far away

  5. Use depth of field Throw one aspect out of focus keeping another in focus

  6. Find those leading lines that will take your eye through the image

  7. Look for abstract detail

Take a look at the Tip of the Week #1 Blog 21 Images and this will help you test this theory out.

Images need to be dynamic and have a tension to them - Only you can create this.

So Ask Questions of Yourself?


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1 Comment

Great tip Ian and a timely reminder to also dust off that prime lens that never gets taken out of the camera bag! Thinking differently about the shot is a great tip and removes the boredom of ’a merely average’ photo (as you say)! Some great examples given here as well.

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