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Photography Tip of the Week #14

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Top 10 Photography Web Sites

Now you found what are the other top web sites worth visiting?

The web is an essential resource for photographers but with so may choices which sites are worth visiting

  1. General Photography Site Fstoppers This is a strong site with high quality articles tutorials, competitions and a community section. Well worth a visit

  2. Equipment Reviews Digital Photography Review Want to know which lens or which camera you should buy? Want a professional balanced review then this is a great place to get that info. Well laid out intelligent reviews and comparisons as well as good forum discussion

  3. Price Comparison Camera Price Buster When you have decided what you want to buy how do you find the cheapest place to buy it? This site will compare all of the major suppliers to help you get a good deal.

  4. Editing Tuition Gavtrain Gavin Hoey delivers a site that offer simple and clear tuition on photo editing techniques that is easy to follow

  5. Photography Competitions Photocrowd Photocrowd has become a central location for magazine and supplier photography competitions. Free to join and well laid out. You can challenge yourself against a world of photographers

  6. Community Flickr Flickr remains as the best community web site where you are able to find images from people who use the same camera as you, the same camera lens combination or have photographed a location you are interested in.

  7. High End Gallery 500px 500px offer the ability to post you images along side some of the best on the web. A rating system that is novel and time based gives feedback on just how good an image this is! It a great place to get ideas and see what some top end photographers are delivering

  8. Selling Your Photos Dreamstime There are many Stock Photo Sites but Dreamstime is my favourite stock site easy to post images for sale, nice dashboard on sales performance and a pricing method that means the more popular you image is the higher the purchase price.

  9. Housekeeping You need to keep your camera kit clean and this is a great resource to help you achieve that.

  10. Camera Insurance Need you equipment or you activities insuring


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Some useful bookmarks here to get folks starting to build a good selection of on-line help and assistance. Although sometimes controversial, folks may also find helpful for review of cameras and lenses, whilst and may also be useful resources for training tips and reference points from YouTubers Jared Polin (FroKnows) and Tony & Chelsea Northrop - their YouTube channels are also useful places to dip in for additional hints and tips as well as a chance to get to see them critiquing good and bad points on other people’s photos.

Finally, I wholeheartedly endorse Photocrowd as a good, non-threatening place for folks to post their photos to get helpful, positive feedback, which helps to build skills and…

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