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STREET PHOTOGRAPHY - 5 F's to follow

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

This simple list based on 5 Fs' is a simple way of helping you with your street photography. It may not be the total answer but it will have a huge impact and its quite simple to remember


STREET PHOTOGRAPHY - 5 F's to follow

1. FISHING Find a location get setup and wait and the right person will come along to give you that great shot

2. FOLLOWING If you find a great character to shoot then follow them, but go ahead of them to find that great backdrop before they arrive at it and you'll get some great shots

3. FACING Look at the background and understand which direction the person needs to be facing and where they need to be located on the background - Planning


Allays have you camera set and take test shots as you move around so that if something happens you can react quickly knowing you camera is set

6. FAITH If you find a great location don't leave too soon or after one good person stick with it and invest some time, also make a note of it and go back

REMEMBER: The more I practice the luckier I get ............Arnold Palmer

Develop your style

Take the images you like Be the photographer you want to be


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