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Photography Tip of the Week: #1

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

21 Images

Have you got the most out of the subject you are photographing?

Probably NOT and this tip will help you to find that unique image you were chasing.

This challenge will push you to get the most out of the subject giving you better shots.

Have you really looked at what you are photographing ?

This is more of a challenge than a tip but it will push you to look at the subject in greater depth !

Whe i run photography beginners courses this is the first piece of work I get the entry level students to complete, and it always works.

Its Simple!

Go and find a boring subject such as a watering can or hut and take 21 pictures of it - Sounds Simple

The first 10 or 12 are easy but after that it gets a lot harder!

After taking your 21 images go through them or better still get a friend to go through them for you and pick out the best 3 shots.

You'll be amazed!

The images they pick will not be the images you would have expected.

The aim of the exercise is

  1. Just how man different shots there are in a simple object

  2. How many of them you did not see - because you did not look

  3. How rewarding it can be to explore all the opportunities

You need to work this into your photographic workflow.

Give it a try its fun

Challenge a friend to do it!


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