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Top 10 Photography Podcasts

Considering photography is a visual art form it may feel counter intuitive to some to have Photography Podcasts. They are available and we take a look at those that are available to see which one we like the most.

So sit back relax grab a coffee and give these a try

These podcasts should inspire you, invigorate you, drive you!

Personally I have found the best ones quite thought provoking and they have made me reflect on my images, workflow and the enjoyment of my photography.

In my opinion these are the Top 10 Photography Podcasts They are not listed in any order as which one you prefer depends on what sort of a day your having - so give them all a try


1. Frames Podcast LINK


On the FRAMES Photography Podcast we talk to photographers about their images, experiences and personal stories. A spin off from the magazine so its well considered and well presented with strong editorial content.

2. The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast LINK


One of the longest-running, The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast provides education and inspiration by covering a mix of art, creativity and technical topics, interviews, gear reviews and travelogue style episodes.

All Podcast episodes are available as blog posts with an audio player and images embedded or an embedded video player.

Most of the episodes from 40 to 630 were Enhanced Podcasts, so if you listen in iTunes or on an iOS device the images being referenced will be displayed automatically as we progress. We’re gradually reprocessing the archives, so as of Sept 2019 everything from Episode 590 is now in MP3 format

3. The Beginner Photography Podcast


This podcast speaks for itself as the Beginner Photography Podcast. Looks at the integration of you hobby and your life. guides new and experienced photographers through their journey. Nicely put together easy to follow and strong content.

4. The B&H Photography Podcast


The B&H Photography Podcast comes from B&H, the largest non-chain photo and video store in the US. The great thing is it is so broad in what it covers. This podcast is upbeat, with a lot of energy.

This podcast covers some of the favourite photography topics, news, and gear. They also talk about museums, art photography and the whole industry.

It’s fun and enjoyable, making it very easy to listen to in the background.

5 This week in Focus: Street Photo

street focus

With each episode, street photographer Valerie Jardin brings you a new facet from the exciting world of street photography. You'll learn the art, technique, tools and psychology related to this new era of street-wise photojournalism. Bright refreshing and inspiring

6. The Candid Frame

candid frame

Ibarionex Perello former technical engineer for Nikon delivers an in depth and very chilled podcast.

He delivers a great balance of insight and perception into his interviews that are well considered and delivered

7. FroKnowsPhoto


He is well established as a leading VLOG'r and he delivers a strong podcast that covers everything. He is not to everybody's taste and can appear to favour or dislike certain brands or aspect but he has views and it make for an interesting listen irrespective of weather you agree with him!

8. The Art of Photography


The Art of Photography is the premiere video podcast on iTunes about everything photography related. Episodes are released 3 times a week! Every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday you can check out the latest photography shows. Ted Forbes produces episodes on diverse topics such as techniques, composition, philosophy, craft, digital photography, film, darkroom techniques and more. If you are a photographer, this is the show for you. Past episodes and additional content can be found on our website:

9. The Photobomb


Since 2015, The Photobomb Podcast has been entertaining listeners with an irreverent mix of humour and photographic knowledge. Part educational seminar, part bar room rant with a dash of funny… Photobomb brings you the latest in photographic news, discussion and philosophy from the minds of two full-time working pros known in the industry for their ability to break down a topic. If you’ve ever wanted to hang out with a couple guys who have opinions on photography (and everything else) who can also make you laugh out loud…. Photobomb is the podcast for you.

10. On Taking Pictures LINK


Every week, Jeffery Saddoris and Bill Wadman take on the art, science, and philosophy of photography and explore how they play out behind the camera in the process of making images. Insider insights for the novice, shop talk for the professional, and opinionated discussion for the interested observer of the field's trends and legacy. Hosted by Bill Wadman & Jeffery Saddoris.



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