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Top 5 NIKON Tips and Tricks

Nikon Tip/Trick #2 - Seeing in Monochrome

We know that its best to shoot in RAW and by setting the camera to Raw you end up with a data rich

colour images.

What some folk don't realise is that the image you see on the display on instant preview is not the RAW image but is in fact a processed Jpeg version of the image.

You can you this to your advantage particularly if you find it difficult to "see" good monochrome images. Simply set the "Picture Control" to monochrome and the images on the display will be in black and white.

When you get home and download the RAW files they will be in colour and can be processed to monochrome

Menu (Button on back of the camera)

Photo Shooting Menu  (Camera icon on screen)

Set Picture Control (scroll to select this option, and press OK button)

Monochrome (press OK button) Menu x2(To exit click the Menu button on back of the camera twice)


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