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Top 5 NIKON Tips and Tricks

Nikon Tip/Trick #3 - Clever Focus Points

With so many focus points on the camera its annoying to have to keep moving the focus point about when you go from landscape to portrait orientation!

You can set the camera to remember the last focus point position used in portrait and landscape orientation.

After making this change, each time you rotate the camera it will automatically select the last focus position used. You can still move the point if you need to but it will probably be closer to where you want it to be.

Menu (Button on back of the camera)

Custom Settings Menu (Pencil icon on screen)

Autofocus (on the menu on screen)

Store points by orientation

OK (Button on back of the camera

Yes (Press OK button) Menu x2(To exit click the Menu button on back of the camera twice)

Advanced Pro Cameras Extra Options

On some models the camera can also remembers the autofocus area, so if your using a group focus point in the horizontal orientation and a single point on portrait orientation.

If that option is on your camera, it will show at the point of selecting Store Points by Orientation yes or no.


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1 Comment

Useful tip Ian! Many thanks! Works beautifully when looking through viewfinder, however not sure this setting also applies to ‘Live View’ (suspect not)?

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