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Top 5 NIKON Tips and Tricks

Nikon Tip/Trick #4 - Save Time

10 Seconds can be a long time and a lot of shots.

So change your self timer in the camera from 10 seconds to 2 seconds.

This will help if shooting in bracketing mode and also if shooting on a tripod as 2 seconds is sufficient.

2 seconds is a long time when shooting and you can judge this in elephants!

If you say to yourself "one elephants, two elephants" then that's about 2 seconds.

So resetting the camera self timer will reduce the waiting time between shots

To make the change…

Menu (Button on back of the camera)

Custom Settings Menu (pencil)

MenuTimers/AE Lock (scroll to select this option, and press OK button)

Change “Self-Timer” to  2 or 5 Seconds (press OK button)

Menu x2 (To exit click the Menu button on back of the camera twice)


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Another helpful reminder - thanks Ian!

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