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What to charge when you sell a photography print?

What should I charge people for an image is a question I get regularly and is clearly something people struggle with! Here is some help resolving this question

So a few points to consider

  1. what did the print cost ?

  2. what did the frame cost ? - The price must be more than 1 and 2 combined

  3. Where is it being used?

  4. Who is the client and what can they afford?

  5. Do I want to sell this as a loss leader?

  6. What price do I feel comfortable with?

Some other factors to consider

  • If you charge cheap you look cheap A low price can give some clients the impression that you are a poor photographer

  • You need to value your work

  • Always sign your image

  • Always include a link on the back of the frame or with the image that details - image title as this sets a mood for the image - who you are - how you can be contacted - for follow on orders

  • You have now started earning and this may have tax implications

The key aspect is be proud and pleased that you have reached a point with your work where you are commercially attractive and this you can build on if you wish Take a look at this video from Sean Tucker which reiterates a lot of the points i have raised above


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