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Which is best for photo editing a PC or a Mac?

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

The basic answer to this question is not what you would expect!

Your hardware (PC/MAC) do not edit images its the software that edits the images and if we take photoshop then its the same irrespective of which hardware system you are using - so the real question should be.

What hardware (PC/MAC) to I need to run photoshop at its best?

That constant argument - Which is best for photo editing a PC or a Mac?


Which is best for photo editing a PC or a Mac?

If we first look at the PC/MAC issue what we see in reality is a strange conundrum.

Generally speaking

  • MAC Users In general hey actually purchase a very expensive monitor with very average hardware attached. This is in a system that is very hardware inflexible. Another comment is that its a contained neat system however the inflexibility mean that peripherals need to be added to boost the shortfalls. Result a low hardware content inflexible machine that shows off your images in amazing quality

  • PC Users In general the purchase expensive hardware and then add a very cheap monitor. This is a system that is very flexible from a hardware perspective and yes you do add peripherals. The result is often good performing software but the images don't look as good.

  • A few other myths/aspects

    • Macs have time machine which means I never lose a file as i can always go back and recover a file, however the vast number of PC users don't realise that their machine has file historian which simply needs to be turned on!

    • Macs are more secure which in general is true as viruses etc are mostly targeted at PCs as these are the most common in a workplace and so viruses are mostly targeted at theses. Mostly does not mean exclusively and so as such both Mac and PC users should protect themselves from attack, As a photographer the greatest risk is photo ransom where and as so many photographers use Macs then it is worth targeting both types of machines in this case. The answer to this is to have suitable protection and suitable backup

What do Adobe want you to have in order to run Photoshop or Lightroom?

adobe spec

adobe windows

So when you look at the hardware requirements including a monitor its not cheap to get the optimum setup in either format. Add onto this cost sufficient storage capacity for you images both on and off the machine then this to get a good setup is not easy or cheap.

I am PC person and as such always get my machines from a company called Chillblast and this is because

  • They offer machines built to the Adobe spec

  • The build is fully customisable

  • Customer service has always been excellent

  • They are not cheap!

PC users if you have a desktop or a laptop then ensure it has a top quality screen ie an IPS screen all the Macs have top quality screens (that's the main thing your paying for). If you do compare system then compare apples and apples

The Answer is

Which ever system you prefer and offers the control and flexibility you want is the answer and you need to remember, you get what you pay. Always compare like with like.

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