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Photography Tip of the Week #5

Need new challenges and goals?

I created this "Bucket list" challenge to push me in my photography - to see what I could achieve

Why don't you give it a try?

Beware its a big list and its not easy!!!

Its probably best suited to somebody who's in a camera club but if your not then just replace those.

Lets see the List!

  1. Get a maximum score for a B&W image in a camera club competition.

  2. Get a maximum score for a colour image in a camera club competition

  3. Get a maximum score for a DPI image in a camera club competition

  4. Win camera club B&W trophy for the year.

  5. Win camera club Colour trophy for the year.

  6. Win camera club DPI trophy for the year.

  7. Sell an image on line

  8. Sell an image at an art exhibition

  9. Sell an image for more than £500

  10. Win a local photography competition

  11. Win a national photography competition

  12. Win an international photography competition

  13. Have an image published in a camera magazine

  14. Have an image published in a newspaper

  15. Have a feature article written about your work in a magazine or newspaper

  16. Have a web based article produced about your work

  17. Complete a paid photo shoot

  18. Train a group in photography and then an individual photography

  19. Have your image on a music record cover EP, LP,Single, Download

  20. Have your image as the cover of a magazine

This list provided me with a challenge and gave me goals to aim at for several years,

I have completed the first 19 but still have not managed number 20

Give it a try its good fun !

This list may not be perfect for you so change it, adapt it, as you wish.

Once you have your list of 20 put it on the fridge or next to you computer.

This type of approach will push you to try new things and will help you develop


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Great list! Also very rewarding to be published - well worth the effort!

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