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Selling Your Photographs on Dreamstime

How good is the Dreamstime platform for selling your images.

Sale of stock images was a big earner for some photographers in the past but those days are gone and now it is a slow revenue stream but can still be a worthwhile outlet.

So how does it work and is it worth using Dreamstime ?

First visit the Dreamstime site and set up an account

Once you have an account setup you are able to upload images for sale however there are a few rules you need to follow

  1. They must be your images (your copyright)

  2. They should not include any aspects that are image rights protected without an attached rights release certificate (ie Eiffel Tower illuminated at night)

  3. They should not include identifiable people without an attached images rights release form ( available on the site)

  4. They should not include copyrighted branding

  5. Avoid personal identifiable items ie car number plates

This all sounds difficult but its quite easy when you get into the swing of it and some aspects may require a little editing on your image

Some other aspects that need you need to be aware of

  • They want sharp images

  • They want hi resolution images

  • You will need to complete a US tax form ( not difficult takes 10 mins to do)

  • You will not get paid until you have earned $100

  • Easiest way to be paid is into a paypal account

  • You can upload an image as a editorial image and this is classed as an image of public interest so this may be a tennis player in a tournament or a golfer or a news event or a celebrity. For these you will not need a model release form.

  • You are earning and so may need to declare this in you local tax system

So with all these aspects in play is it worth it?

The answer is yes it is from my experience

  1. The upload process is easy

  2. Feedback is clear

  3. Platform works well and is not buggy

  4. Lots of advice and help

  5. Payment is easy and is prompt

  6. Your account is easy to manage

  7. Once an image is on line the work is done and it just keeps earning

  8. Forms are all readily available and easy to use

  9. I have sold images for $400 and images for $0.50

  10. Some images will sell 100x or more

  11. some will not sell - thats the way it is some times

  12. Its a good way to use your images - and may bring in enough to buy you a new lens?

In summary would i recommend Dreamstime as a stock image outlet and the answer is yes. Its a good platform a good company and a good earner.

Take a look at the article for beginners


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